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Welcome to Clotheline Quilts by Evonne

Wildflower Woods

Enjoy a new collection inspired by the works of Gene Stratton Porter, 19th century naturalist, author, and nature photographer, an environmentalist ahead of her time. Paying tribute to Gene's outspoken advocacy for nature conservation in the state of Indiana, Evonne Cook has translated her important legacy into the below fabric collection. The light and wispy groups of wildflowers waving in the wind, the subtle greens, the earthy browns and intricately detailed twirling vines are all reminiscent of the beautiful wildlife that Gene so valiantly fought to conserve.

by Evonne Cook and Washington Street Studio


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Past Collections

French Paisley


Evonne Cook

Welcome to Clothesline Quilts Pattern Company featuring traditional quilt and craft patterns for the home and family by Evonne Cook.

A former community college employee who has always enjoyed sewing & tailoring, I learned to sew in 7th grade Home Ec class. But since quilting caught my attention, I spend my time in the quilting and designing mode.

Married for 40 years, our children are all married now with children of their own. John and I enjoy our 11 wonderful grandchildren and still farm the family farm of row crops, corn & soybeans, in northwest Iowa. My pattern company is based in our rural farm home, and I love it that way; it really is more fun than work. I also now thoroughly enjoy designing fabric collections with P & B/Washington Street Studio.